Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have been searching for something I can do from home to bring in an small income to help pay for my *cough*cough* mistake........

Most of what I have found is some sort of a scam. I have been looking on Craigs List and searching local listings. There really isn't anything out there. It is amazing how many posts one fake company puts on Craigs List. This "company" lists the "job" in so many different ways that I have looked at it who knows how many times. My favorite part is that they want you to pay them for the job! I may not be very smart (my debt load is evidence of this), but I am not that dumb!!!

I have not found any promising leads yet, but I am undeterred. I did offer to go and get a job, but my husband (saint that he is) doesn't want me to. He wants me to continue at home with our kids and "managing" the house. (did he not notice that I have blundered in the management part?) He is willing to work through this little by little, year by year until the debt is gone. He figures with being very careful and a hopeful raise here and there we should be in the clear in several years.

He is a patient man.

Even though he is not expecting it, I still want to do my part. I will find something. When I do I will let you know! There has to be a legitimate work from home position out there somewhere!

Now, something kids said they love me!!!! I love them too! Those silly squirts!

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